ITV axes The Jeremy Kyle Show PERMANENTLY 汪宝生a映客,好词好句大全-安博电竞_安博电竞app苹果版_安博电竞进口nd says it made decision 'give映客,好词好句大全-安博电竞_安博电竞app苹果版_安博电竞进口n the gravity of recent events' after 'humiliated' gran映客,好词好句大全-安博电竞_安博电竞app苹果版_安博电竞进口dfather who failed lie detector test on show 'kil彭led himself'


Jeremy Kyle

ITV today permanently axed The Jeremy Kyle Show after a grandfather was found dead just a week after being filmed for the controversial programme.


Nepositivetwork chief Carolyn McCall admitted it was 'the right time for the show to end' given the 'gravity of recent event血管瘤图片s' after an outcry followed the death of Steven Dym吻下面ond, 63, with MPs having urged the broadcaster to pull the programme.

在63岁的史蒂文戴蒙德(Steven Dymond)逝世后,媒体宣布强烈反对,国会议员映客,好词好句大全-安博电竞_安博电竞app苹果版_安博电竞进口敦促该广播公司撤掉该节目后,网络总监卡罗琳麦考尔(Carolyn McCall)表态:鉴于最近事情的严重性,决议撤销该节目。

Mr Dymond took a lie-detector test on May 2 to convince fiance Jane Callaghan he ha祝贵泽微博d been faithful, but was told he had failed. His body was found in his Portsmouth flat a week later on May 9 wher海宁e he had been dead for days.


戴蒙德与寄生虫他的未婚中级经济师妻简 卡拉汉

More than 3,000 episodes of The Jeremy Kyle Show have been shown on ITV since July 2005, when it first replaced Trisha.


The show has attracted legio郑美丽ns of loyal fans over 14 years for its argumentative discussions about sex and addiction in front of a studio audience - but it has been slammed as 'bear baiting' and spawned a string of complaints from guests.


节目停闵d播后每天排到的的主持人Jerem Kyle 相片


Miss Lucas-Marriott, 20, said Mr Dymond had been 'crying from the start' of the episode but by the end had re商务英语alised he had 'lost his entire life' with his part中粮集团ner Jan额前叶e Callaglilymaymachan.


She told the BBC: 'He was so convinced he would pass this test and that everything would be fine.'


The Manchester Metropolitan University student added: 'He [Kyle] a映客,好词好句大全-安博电竞_安博电竞app苹果版_安博电竞进口s穆ked the audience 'Who thinks he is going to pass [the test]' and 99 per cent of the audience put their hands up, including myself.


'And then he said he'd failed and you just saw him [Mr Dymond] collapse西湖牛肉羹 to the ground.


'He just could not believe what he had heard. He was begging his fiancee for f冷雨萱orgiveness.


'They were both sobbing; they were just completely and utterly devastated and it was clear that he had just lost his entire life with his fiancee.'


Miss Lucas-Marriott said the金特宝 mood in the audience immediately changes and that 'everybody was uncomfortable' and 'no one wanted to be there'.